Holes in One

New course (since 1985)

1985N. McRobert3
1986N. A. Connor15
1986R. Schofield12
1987A. Bruniera5
1987Mrs V. Hall5
1988Denise McE­wan12
1988N. J. Taylor3
1988A. W. Poole3
1989Mrs C. Dyer12
1989C. Warn­er5
1989J. Braswell12
1990B. Healey5
1990P. McKen­zie3
1990B. Boland12
1990J. Kim­bel15
1990Greg Reval15
1990D. Big­gins5
1990D. Wut­tke15
1990K. Mut­ton15
1992R. McMa­hon15
1992D. Bran­ford15
1992J. Thoro­good5
1992Mrs L. McGowran15
1992Mrs J. Bruniera5
1993P. Keech5
1994Ian Wright3
1994Mur­ray Preston15
1994Mar­i­on Camp3
1994M. Shear­er15
1994G. Wal­ters3
1994G. Wal­ters15
1994D. Hodge12
1995R. McMa­hon5
1995J. Tuck­er5
1996K. Thomp­son3
1996R. Fen­som15
1996Craig Old­field3
1996Derek Thomas12
1996G. Hamon12
1996Kevin Good­win15
1997Lind­say Heaver15
1997Peter Jones12
1998Chris Del­sar15
1998M. Good­win5
1998Claire Don­nel­ly5
1998Bruce Hosk­ing12
1998Michael Gep­pa3
1998R. McMa­hon5
1999Anne Rus­sell15
1999Lance God­win3
1999Leigh Shack­la­dy5
1999J. Burgess5
1999T. Hamil­ton12
2000J. Davis3
2000Paul Christie5
2000Wayne Eglin­ton5
2000Mrs K. Boon5
2000Derek Thomas12
2000H. Tahara3
2001Neil Gur­ney15
2001Ker­ry Baldissera12
2001Wayne Rodger15
2001Chris Del­sar15
2001Michael Green15
2001Ian Wright12
2001P. Buik5
2002Doug Fras­er3
2002K. But­ler5
2002Trevor Osborne15
2002C. Hunt5
2003Nev Chalmers3
2003Scott Har­ris12
2003G. Schmull15
2003Ian Low15
2003Ed Ron­quil­lo12
2003Mrs E. Mitchell12
2003Dave Doig12
2003S. Lud­wig15
2004Brad Con­nor5
2004Michelle Ron­quil­lo12
2004Shona Har­ris12
2005Rob Rut­ter5
2006Ross Loader5
2006Bri­an McGrath12
2006Bri­an Pepper15
2006Alex Muir5
2006Kyle Robin­son12
2006Peter Achurch5
15/03/2007Michael Jones15
21/04/2007Bruce Hosk­ing3
10/06/2007Sma­jo Spahic5
11/06/2007Ian Low5
23/06/2007Scott Har­ris3
18/08/2007Wayne Rodger15
5/07/2008Toby Lee15
6/07/2008Toby Lee5
13/12/2008Doug Fras­er5
28/12/2008Andrew McLean3
26/01/2009Nik­ki Eaton5
1/02/2009Tanya Kirk­er12
26/04/2009Chris Hume5
6/06/2009John Leer­son5
2009Robert Insch5
16/01/2010Bob Willis5
2010Tony Bel­lette5
2010Doug Fras­er5
2010Ian Low5
2011Phil Del­sar3
2011Lyn­d­say Heaver5
2011Allan Brown3
2011Bri­an Kurtz5
2011Stephen Ham­pel5
2011Claire Don­nel­ly12

Mul­ti­ple Hole in Ones

The fol­low­ing mem­bers are those good enough (or for­tu­nate enough) to have scored mul­ti­ple Holes in One.

Name 3rd 5th 12th 15th Total
R. McMahon   
Bruce Hosking     
Chris Delsar       
Derek Thomas       
Doug Fraser     
G. Walters     
Ian Low     
Ian Wright     
Scott Harris     
Toby Lee     
Wayne Rodger     
Claire Donnelly     

Some Inter­est­ing Facts

As of 21 June 2009, the new course has yield­ed 103 Holes in One to mem­bers dur­ing offi­cial com­pe­ti­tion in the 25 years since opening.

The most Holes in One in a cal­en­dar year is 8, reached in both 1990 and 2003.

The only year with­out a mem­ber scor­ing a Hole in One dur­ing offi­cial com­pe­ti­tion was 1991.

The only play­er with a Hole in One on both the old and new cours­es is Miss Bren Boland.

By Hole

Hole Number
3rd  20 
5th  41 
12th  24 
15th  28 
Total  113 


Fol­low­ing is a list of Holes in One gained by mem­bers play­ing WAGS (Wednes­day After­noon Golf­ing Soci­ety). No records have been found of WAGS Holes in One pri­or to 2001.

Year Name
2001  Chuck Dowson 
2001  Terry Leigh 
2002  Scott Harris 
2002  Gary Bigg 
2006  Kevin Rucioch 
2006  Marc Loader 
2007  Ian Wright 
2007  Michael Kain 
2010  Kevin King 
2011  Gus Matarazzo 
2012  Kim Davies 


Fol­low­ing is a list of Holes in One gained by mem­bers of the Alice Springs VETS, dur­ing an offi­cial VETS competition.

Date Name Hole
18/08/2007  Wayne Rodger  15 
2010  Bob Willis 
2010  John Graham  12 
2011  Lyndsay Heaver 

Old course (pre-1985)

Fol­low­ing are the Holes in One gained by mem­bers on the old course, which was in play pri­or to 1985.

Date Name Hole
unknown  Mrs G. Smith 
unknown  C. James 
unknown  J. Willis 
unknown  D. J. McB Byrnes 
unknown  C. Jones 
1959  Mrs G. A. Armstead 
1972  T. Russell 
1974  S. Garland 
1974  Mrs G. A. Armstead 
1974  F. V. Bulla 
1975  Miss B. Boland 
1978  T. Hendrickson 
1982  T. Godwin 
1984  Mrs E. Perry  14 

Alba­tross Zone

Once in a while a play­er is good enough, or for­tu­nate enough, to score an alba­tross, also known as a dou­ble eagle, on a Par 5. Fol­low­ing are the play­ers who have achieved this rare result dur­ing offi­cial com­pe­ti­tion, includ­ing WAGS, at the Alice Springs Golf Club:

If any­one has any details on the dates for the first 3 alba­tross­es, please advise the ASGC Office so that this page can be updated.

Player Hole Date
Rob Kneebone  6th Hole  Date TBA 
Andrew Fidler  6th Hole  Date TBA 
Greg Reval  14th Hole  Date TBA 
Phil Ballard  4th Hole  26 November 2006 
Lance Godwin  4th Hole  29 August 2009 
Brendan Taylor  4th Hole  15 September 2009 
Jason Thackeray  4th Hole  06 November 2011