Recently we have had Prolock update our security system with modern day technology. We are now operating off the cloud and notifications of security breaches are being sent through in real time meaning we can respond to anti-social behaviour quicker than ever before.

Along with the cloud upgrade there has been 4 external detectors and 3 new external sirens. For Desert Springs residents who have previously had a late night or early morning walk around the golf club, I would urge you to stay well away from our buildings. All walkways around the back of the clubhouse will set off the alarms and the positive news here is we can prevent break-ins from happening.

If you really want to test the strength of our new sirens please come and see me as our neighbours may not appreciate the early morning wake up call when it goes off during your morning walk!

Investing in preventative matters stands to save our club thousands of dollars each year which means we are in a better position to support all of our facilities.



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